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Lightning Strikes!

18 Feb

Kate called in with a special request for a party in their building in Tribeca .  Her son, like many little men across the world, is a huge fan of Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie CARS. Coming up with the theme for his birthday party was the easy part, but she wasn’t really sure how the idea of making a cake in the likeness of McQueen would turn out! Chef Benny with the help of the entire City Cakes NY team got to work, somebody working on McQueen’s eyes, another person working on Lightning’s bolts, a few folks helping with the wheels, and quickly this body-and-detail team souped this cake up into one heck of a Chocolate Decadence filled Lightning replica!  What a cute little buggy, huh?


Cake for Cooooookie Monster

11 Jan

After a friend surprised him with the infamous “Eat Me” Cake for his own birthday last year, Nick knew that a cake from City Cakes NY would make the perfect surprise for his best friend, Juan.  Needless to say, in having a suave indoor pool party at the posh Hotel Grace in midtown, a swanky cake was certainly expected.  What better way to celebrate than through a fabulous Cookie Box Cake! After all Juan, who loves chocolate chip cookies, needed to make sure his palette was not only content with cake but also stimulated with bursts of the oozing goodness coming from our half-pound Rich Chocolate Chip cookies!  Decorated in delicious chocolate fondant with blue edible accents, this Chocolate Decadence Cake was filled and covered with Bailey’s Buttercream and then topped to the brim with our cookies.  After all, cookie monster loves his cooooooooookies!

Strategic Moves

5 Jan

Ebony was looking for a cake for her finance Frank’s surprise birthday party and she knew she needed something that was going to really impress. Frank happens to be an intellect with an excelled skill for planning management and what a better way to emulate his personality than to make a custom chess cake.  The City Cakes NY chess cake featured a chocolate marbled playing surface, and antiquing all around the cake for a really authentic look.  Topping the Lush Amaretto cake off with the most detailed glossy edible chess pieces, when Ebony saw the cake she knew that this was going to just blow her soon-to-be hubby away. Said Ebony, “Thank you for making the most amazing birthday cake our guests, Frank and myself have ever seen. The cake was so amazing that people walked into our home and thought it was a real chess board!”

The Chess Board Cake was a fun project loaded with surprise and anticipation, and Ebony certainly took the castle and the king!  We can’t wait to make their wedding cake later this year!

Zoey’s Broadway Birthday

17 Dec

Broadway’s newest star Zoey is on the horizon! Naturally a star always has the most phenomenal showpieces and what a better way to celebrate her birthday then with a Times Square Cake custom made for her by the City Cakes team she saw on TLC! After countless hours, numerous cups of coffee, and a bit of king-kong comedy, we were able to assemble a star quality cake for a talent such as Zoey. Although very challenging, this Chocolate Decadence cake was stacked high and wide, complete with custom edible Broadway show posters, edible lights, street signs, the TKTS booth, and even sugar-made replicas of the Naked Cowboy & Cowgirl. Of course, this cake wouldn’t have been complete without a poster for Zoey’s Show on the main Coca-Cola Tower! Bravo!

Law & Order SVU

11 Nov

Well well well, you didn’t know we served Ice-T at City Cakes NY now did you? Stopping in for some of our insane cookies the tv stars didn’t mind posting for a quick pic for our blog. Things don’t get much cooler than this on a random chilly Tuesday in NYC… a Hearty Oatmeal Raisin and a Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cookie apparently hit the spot for these guys.

Simply stunning

8 Nov

To celebrate a beautiful wedding ceremony, Tania and Eric worked with Chef Benny to come up with a simple, modern and elegant design. We delivered the Precious Yellow cake with Strawberry & Vanilla Sinful Buttercream to Midtown Loft & Terrace on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and the result was astounding. Ava from Ava Martinez Photography did a wonderful job staging the cake with the decor filling the space for Tania and Eric’s gorgeous reception. Congratulations to you both from your friends at City Cakes NY!