Zoey’s Broadway Birthday

17 Dec

Broadway’s newest star Zoey is on the horizon! Naturally a star always has the most phenomenal showpieces and what a better way to celebrate her birthday then with a Times Square Cake custom made for her by the City Cakes team she saw on TLC! After countless hours, numerous cups of coffee, and a bit of king-kong comedy, we were able to assemble a star quality cake for a talent such as Zoey. Although very challenging, this Chocolate Decadence cake was stacked high and wide, complete with custom edible Broadway show posters, edible lights, street signs, the TKTS booth, and even sugar-made replicas of the Naked Cowboy & Cowgirl. Of course, this cake wouldn’t have been complete without a poster for Zoey’s Show on the main Coca-Cola Tower! Bravo!


2 Responses to “Zoey’s Broadway Birthday”

  1. Cindy Fox December 20, 2010 at 7:36 AM #

    your blog came to my email via google alerts for Naked Cowgirl. If you ever make a cake or whatever with a replica of me, I’d like to see a photo it:)

    • Marc Matthias December 20, 2010 at 2:49 PM #

      Hi Cindy… don’t you see yourself on Zoey’s cake? You’re teeny tiny down there next to the Naked Cowboy right at the base of the TKTS booth! What is your email, we will send you a closeup of yourself in sugar!

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