Barnyard baking

28 Oct

So when Karla emailed us asking for a replica of her twin boys’ toy barn in cake form for their birthday party, we said yes!  Then she asked if we could make it hollow so the twins’ favorite barn animal toys could be inside… a little bit of a challenge, but sure! When we delivered the final product to the incredible Moomah Cafe at 161 Hudson in Manhattan, that Barn Birthday Cake couldn’t have been a better fit for the party…. we were SO happy to have come through!  Who would have thought, a Red Velvet Barn Cake with Creme Cheese Buttercream!

Said mom Karla after the event,

“Dear Chef Benny

What a beautiful cake you made!!
We were super happy, the boys LOVED it!!! And the guests couldn’t
believe that was a cake, until we all had a piece of it.. It was

I am sending attached a pic from my Iphone, but when I get the ones
from the photographer, I will send it you, with a better resolution.

It was gorgeous, delicious..
Thank you!!

Boy, how we love happy endings!  Yeeeeeehaw!


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